Our Story

From our founder …

Eat Art became my heartbeat and passion on Thanksgiving Day 2010. I was in Texas with extended family watching the Dallas Cowboys play football, if you can call it that! I had eaten WAY TOO MUCH about an hour earlier, and the turkey was about to cause my eyes to close. As I was watching football I was also surfing Facebook & Flickr and had several people asking me if they could purchase some of the photos I had posted over the past few days. As I sat on the couch with a FULL stomach I began to wonder how could I sell a few images and use the money to feed people with EMPTY stomachs. Mix that momentary thought with my entrepreneurial tendencies, and the 10-month journey and evolution of Eat Art began.

During the summer of 2011, EA was all I could think about, and with the generous investments from three close friends this grass roots cause to artfully end hunger was born. I began to have many dozens of conversations, the initial contributors and photos were compiled, apparel was designed and ordered and the web site was officially launched on September 1st of 2011.

I was so nervous – it was like I had given birth to this baby I had been carrying for 10 months and I was not sure if anyone would think it was beautiful. But in the first 15 days there was enough art and apparel purchased to send 15,000 meals to hungry children. I was absolutely blown away by YOU! I believe we could truly become a major force in fighting hunger.

At Thankgiving of 2015 I launched a blog at www.livecurious.ly where meals are sent to hungry children every time a blog post is shared.

As we head into 2021 there are big new things coming with EA … including this new website!

I can’t wait!

Friends, there is no doubt that you can help Eat Art become who we might one day be!

Will you please join this new grassroots movement where …

You get the art & the kids get to eat!

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