Transparency & FAQ’s

Our desire at EA is to be completely transparent and gain your trust. We fully recognize that it is your trust that allows more art & apparel to be purchased and more meals to be sent to hungry children.

Below is a series of FAQ’s about Eat Art. If you have additional questions or topics that you feel are not covered please email us at

What can one person’s purchase really do?

Your purchase can truly change a child’s life. Consider that one 5×7 photo or one cap purchased for $20 will send 100 meals. That is enough food to feed a hungry child for a weeks! One 24X36 photo purchased for $140 will send 1,000 meals. That is enough food to feed a hungry child for a months! Your purchase is making a difference and YOU are absolutely artfully ending hunger for a child!

Is Eat Art a non-profit organization?

Eat Art is a charitable “c” corporation and has been organized in this manner for charitable purposes.

Eat Art also has a NON-PROFIT 501c3 partner, Joy to the World, where ALL monetary donations, not purchases, from individuals are 100% tax deductible. This “Joy to the World” partnership exists so that INDIVIDUALS who make donations to Eat Art can receive full tax deductions and personal giving statements at the end of each year for tax purposes. Individuals who invest in Eat Art through our “Give/Donate to Eat Art” link located in the footer of this website receive a 100% tax deduction for their donation.

Does Eat Art have anyone on paid staff?

No. At this point no one receives any salary or finances from EA. All money invested in the EA movement goes toward the creation of art and sending of meals.

What is the deal with the meal count on the home page of the website?

This is our effort to be totally transparent with how many meals have been purchased and sent to hungry children. When you make a purchase the meal count will immediately grow reflecting the amount of meals YOU are sending!

How does my purchase of art or apparel send so many meals?

Meals from hundreds of EA purchases are combined and sent in massive containers on cargo ships or planes. Through our unique partnership with Children Hunger Fund these meals are sent hundreds of thousands at a time in these massive cargo containers.

What exactly are these meals that are being sent?

The meals that your purchased art & apparel send are specially formulated, vitamin-fortified rice mix packets to feed children in countries around the world. The girls in the photo to the left are each holding one of these meals. These delicious and nutritious meals, distributed in partnership with Children’s Hunger Fund, give us the very unique ability to be a part of “Artfully Ending Hunger.” Meals are sent all over the world, although specific strategic partnerships exist in Dominican Republic, Ghana, Peru, Haiti, Guatemala, Mexico, Nepal, Rwanda, Thailand and Zimbabwe.

Can I purchase art or apparel and have it sent to a friend or family member?

Yes. Just add to your cart the hunger-ending items you want to purchase. When you check out, place your address as the “billing” address and your friend or family member’s address as the “shipping” address. They get the art. The kids get to eat.

OK, I’m almost there … why should I make a purchase and partner with EA?

    1. 1. It’s a win for everyone – you can sit in your living room, dorm room or office and make a hunger-ending investment where a simple $20 purchase will feed a hungry child for a full month. You get the art & the kids get to eat!
    1. 2. It’s transparent – we are doing everything we can to answer any questions you have about Eat Art so that we can gain your trust and together send millions of meals.
    1. 3. It’s totally possible for you to end hunger – with the age of technology and social media in which we live a viral movement can happen at any moment. YOU can truly help Eat Art become who we might one day be – a major force in fighting global hunger.

Oh ya … what about social media?

We will send 100,000 meals to 100,000 hungry children for the first 100,000 people who join Eat Art on Facebook or Twitter! Please follow us on Twitter – @EatArtNow Please like us on Facebook –

If you have additional questions or topics that you feel are not covered please email us at

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